Privacy Policy

I’m committed to protecting the information that I collect from you.

Why I ask for the information I do:
I need your email address so that I can tell you how to pay, where the clinic is, when to turn up etc. I also ask for a mobile phone number in case I need to get in touch with you quickly on the day, or in case you mis-type the email address.

As horses are unpredictable, sometimes riders fall off, and that means I may need to call an ambulance – I need to know who to contact after an incident to help get you or your horse home, if you’re not able to tell me yourself.

I also need to be able to give medics your details so that they can give you appropriate treatment, and identify you properly to bring up the correct hospital records.

If anything results in an insurance claim, then I will pass your data to parties with a legitimate interest in the claim such as my insurers and legal team.

If you opt in to future emails, I might occasionally get in touch if there’s an event you might be interested in, or to tell you about something we discussed at the clinic.

I will keep all these details securely for 7 years.

Storage: Booking forms are encrypted by Jotform (who are GDPR compliant), and I only take your name from that and put it on my spreadsheet that I use to keep track of payments and bookings.

My laptop and phone are PIN-protected, my Jotform account is password protected and nobody can view or download any of the form data without my encryption key.

I will never give, sell, loan or otherwise allow any other person access to your data.

Contacting me: I am a sole trader, so I am by default the data controller – you can contact me on or 07939 471564 to discuss any of this. 

Photos: I upload photos taken at my events to facebook. If you want me to remove them at any time, just tell me and I’ll delete them.

If you want me to provide you with copies of all information I hold about you, just get in touch and I’ll send it over within one month.

If you want to withdraw consent for me to contact you by email or phone in future, just let me know.

If your details have changed, please update me so I can change the records.

In certain circumstances you have the right to have your data erased, just contact me and I’ll erase it if I no longer have a legal reason to keep it.  If I can’t erase it, I’ll let you know why.