If you would like me to come to your yard with my obstacles, please see yard visits.
Clinic dates & venues are listed on the calendar.

branchesdonaldbridgeydrcArena PTV obstacles
Group lessons riding or leading around, over, through & under a range of mobile obstacles in an enclosed arena. Ideal introduction to TREC or cross training for other disciplines.

step upbridgeOutdoor PTV obstacles
Group lessons around a mixture of mobile obstacles to go around, through & under, plus real terrain features to jump, climb & cross – more like a real competition PTV course.

wolftarpnoodlesSuper spooky TREC obstacles
Sessions designed to ‘lifeproof’ your horse for the extra challenges & course dressing seen at TREC competitions – roadworks, textures/colours to walk over, obstacles to push under/past, spectators, flags etc.

camp pip fionaDay camps – all three phases
Tuition in all phases, great for newcomers to have a taster day and for experienced combinations to improve scores:
PTV obstacles – terrain and mobile obstacles.
Control of paces – practice and advice to improve your slow canter and fast walk.
POR navigation – 2 hours on foot followed by a practice ride out on an off-road route with a map.

FullSizeRender (33)
Map skills – training on foot, usually a full day

We will work on: accuracy in map copying, keeping track of your speed, using landmarks near and far, navigating in woodland and across moorland, techniques for working out where you are, how to do grids and bearings sections.
The morning will be inside, then after lunch we will go for a walk for a couple of hours to try out your new skills.

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