TREC Online

Want to join in with TREC but have no transport? Work weekends? Can’t get childcare? Now you can! Build one (or more!) of the courses below at home, get someone to film you riding it, and upload your video anywhere it can be shared eg facebook, dropbox, youtube. Send me the link to or facebook messenger, and I’ll reply with payment details when I’ve checked that I can see the video. I will send your score & feedback within 7 days of payment. Submitting your video is confirming you agree with the rules.

Four pole challenge – taster class – £5
Watch the demonstration here
1. Corridor A (walk, trot or canter), 2. Rein back in B, 3. Corridor C (walk, trot or canter), 4. Ridden immobility in A (10 seconds), 5. Neck reining one handed (walk), 6. S-bend (walk).

Mini-courses £7 per class
Course 1 – rope gate, figure eight (w/t/c), ‘u’ bend, corridor (w/t/c), immobility, mount from block. Demonstration video, arena setup diagram
Course 2 – bending (w/t/c), rein back, s bend (walk), neck reining (walk), led immobility, led corridor (walk/trot). Demonstration video, arena setup diagram
Course 3 – supersize s-bend (w/t/c), ridden immobility, shamrock (w/t/c), corridor (w/t/c), neck reining (walk), side pass. Demonstration video, arena setup diagram
Course 4 – corridor (w/t/c), immobility, corridor (w/t/c), rein back, jump (height of your choice), figure eight(w/t/c).  Demonstration video, arena setup diagram
Course 5 – mount from block, awkward rein back, side pass, ‘low branches’ (w/t/c), neck reining, water/footbridge. Demonstration video, arena setup diagram

All courses will remain open for submissions permanently – if you want to get together a group of friends, or set challenges for yourself, however you want to do it you can send videos to Evie for feedback & scores.

Winter league
All entries submitted up to 30 April 2018 (extended due to the awful March weather) will go into a league, with the three best scores for each combination being added together to find an overall winter winner, as well as prizes being awarded for the best scores on each course (subject to entries). Rosettes & prizes will be posted out to the top combinations.