Details about the competition courses are here.
– You must wear a riding hat to current BHS approved standards, and safe footwear with a small heel.
– Tack as per TREC GB rules – no fixed reins, spurs must be rounded and no more than 3cm long, whips no longer than 75cm.
– You build and attempt the course at your own risk.
– All obstacles are optional, if you want to miss one out just stop at the right part in the course and say so to the camera.
– Judging will be in accordance with the rules of TREC GB and the spirit of TREC!
– You will lose marks if you circle, cross your tracks or reverse between obstacles.
– All obstacles may be attempted in hand or ridden, or mixed.
– In hand obstacles are judged walk/trot only, not walk/trot/canter.
– If attempting an obstacle in hand, both horse and handler must follow the course of the obstacle (eg you couldn’t stand halfway off a cliff to direct your horse along a narrow path, you would have to lead the way!).
– Led obstacles must be done with the rider leading either from headcollar/combi bridle and leadrope, or with reins over the horse’s head. If the horse wears a running martingale, a headcollar/combi bridle and rope MUST be used. 
– No video editing allowed! Submissions should be one continuous take and ideally have sound on. Friendly video person can move around the course/zoom as needed. Horse and rider should be entirely in the frame whenever attempting an obstacle where possible.
– You can film in any safe location – it doesn’t have to be an arena. If the area is not enclosed, you must keep at least one hand on the rope/reins at all times.
– Four pole challenge taster course only: if your horse moves a pole, it must be reset before you attempt the next obstacle.