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Bella N “At Whitby Riding Club, we love trying new activities with our horses and having a go at things we don’t usually have the opportunity to do. Our annual residential camp is no exception and we’ve been thrilled to welcome Evie to join us twice in recent years. Evie is a kind, patient instructor who really encourages everyone to achieve. Her TREC knowledge is thorough, her equipment is well made and safe, and each lesson is planned in detail to make sure a range of skills are covered. However, Evie isn’t just a TREC practitioner – she’s also an excellent horse woman and really knows how to get the best out of each horse and rider combination, often suggesting new ideas that can be applied in other situations. TREC is a great part of our programme because it challenges all of our horses and riders at a level they’re comfortable with and is great for making sure everyone achieves something new at camp – sometimes when they didn’t expect to!”

Eloisa A (from mum Alison) “My daughter Eloisa first attended a training session with Evie in Oct 2017. Eloisa’s pony was very fast, strong and often ignored her little rider. The TREC training with Evie has helped both pony and rider with discipline and control. Eloisa loves the variety of obstacles and often practices when out on a hack, and her pony Lily responds so much better now to Eloisa’s commands. I am looking forward to them starting to compete in arena TREC this winter”

pait2Emily BI’ve done a few training events with Evie with our Dales Pony Society area group and enjoyed each one and taken a lot away that I use each day, even though I’ve never done a TREC competition! Evie can cater for everyone, between my sister and I we’ve taken 4 different Dales ponies for training ranging from ones that have shown at county level, to a newly backed 5 year old for his first event, to the 11 year old unbacked rescue mare who had only ever seen her field (these can be done in hand!) . Each one managed to happily complete the full course by the end of the session- all the training was done with patience and kindness. These events are brilliant way to build confidence, relationships between horse and handler and have a great day especially if you book with like minded friends and take cake!”

indiJennifer H “Myself and my daughter have taken part in 2 of Evie’s clinics at our yard over the last year. Wow, it was so much fun! Our pony was a youngster and we had only owned him a couple of months. It was such a great time, bonding and having the obstacles to work through. My daughter is only 9, and she learnt there’s more to riding a horse than just schooling! Olivia was relaxed with Evie and our pony seemed to like her too! One of the nicest instructors and confidence givers I’ve ever come across. Want to take part again and again!!”

fionaprince 3Fiona NI first discovered TREC at an indoor competition Evie was running on a yard I was on at the time. Since then I have attended various training events run by her including group clinics, day camps, one on one lessons and on-foot map reading training. Evie has taken me from someone whose only map reading experience was a few vague lessons in high school being able to get around a Level 1 POR course on my own, and has taken my pony from being scared of life to confidently tackling most obstacles. We’ve also done some Level 2 as a pair and I hope to do a couple on my own next year. We still have some minor hangups due to him being Welsh and opinionated but we’re getting there! In 2016 me & Prince came 2nd in the Level 1 Championships Novice class and we were 2017 Level 1 Intermediate Champions. Attending Evie’s training has helped us both massively and I find we always make progress on the things we’re finding difficult and come away with things we can continue to work on at home. I’ve never felt overfaced at any session I’ve attended and even when Prince is being a total and utter prat I’ve never felt that I’m unwelcome / inconveniencing anyone by disrupting things! I plan on attending many more of her training days so that me & my horse can keep an improving!

pipstep Pip T “Evie is a fantastic trainer, who is able to adjust her ideas and techniques to suit each individual horse and rider, enabling us to get the best out of our horses. She has taught me on a more experienced older mare and my young horse Dulcie, and has taken us from a green four year old, to having completed (and placed!) at the level one national championships 2017, and completed our first level two. Evie’s mounted, and unmounted clinics are both extremely beneficial, and I always find myself reciting titbits Evie has told me, to get me through the competitions, or even just hacking out from home! Evie has many clinics planned for winter, it’s the perfect time to maintain and improve your TREC skills further in anticipation for next season. I am truly excited to see what else Evie pulls out of her lorry (aka the tardis as it holds so many different obstacles!) and as to how we can continually improve. Thank you Evie!”


Danielle M “I had my first experience of TREC in a  lesson with Evie in April 2017. I was blown away by how much fun it was and how great it was to test and feel the partnership with my horse. Evie is a fantastic instructor with an extremely calm and encouraging demeanour that gets the best out of horse and rider. I’ve since organised a yard clinic where Evie’s mobile obstacles were enjoyed by everyone from young lead rein and in hand horses to serious dressage combinations. After the lesson I competed twice and qualified for the Nationals where I came third with my pairs partner Lisa Worsley, and without Evie’s help, support and tips and tricks along the way it wouldn’t have been possible. I have also recently undertaken the first part of my judge training with Evie which was another great day, where again Evie really shone as an instructor demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and experience of the topic. I look forward to more fun and exciting lessons and would recommend Evie and TREC to anyone.”

dawn1Dawn P “Evie introduced me to TREC a number of years ago, and I am hooked. Through her patience and expertise she has helped me improve my obstinate and speedy little horse. I always come away from every session with new tools to help me with my riding and handling. We always have loads to work on at home. The guided orienteering training rides gave me the confidence to complete competitions solo.”


Jo F “I would highly recommend Evie for anyone looking to have fun informative training, a great start for young horses beginning their education through to older ones looking for something a little different. Always enthusiastic and encouraging, everyone leaves the sessions motivated and smiling.”

dexSarah A “I have trained regularly with Evie with both an experienced horse and now my young cob. We always come away having learnt something new and with big smiles. Would recommend Evie to anyone, she’s super patient and super encouraging.”

frosty2Fiona T  “Evie works hard to ensure that you and your horse grow in confidence together but succeeds in making it fun at the same time. Even if you don’t want to do TREC I recommend it as bonding time.”

fionasamballsFiona P “I discovered TREC obstacle training a couple of years ago, and have found it invaluable for obedience and confidence boosting with my young Dales pony. Evie runs imaginative clinics and sessions with a tailored set of obstacles. She creates a relaxed and easy going atmosphere, and ensures everyone achieves. It’s a lot of FUN and your horse/pony will surprise you!”

imageSarah G “Just to say what a fantastic and fun day today was. I’m relatively experienced as a rider having done most horsey pursuits. I’ve always fancied having a go at TREC but not known “how”. Evie’s training day was well organised, fun and I learnt loads, Evie’s explanations were great. I now feel confident to give it a go. Thank you and I’ll be back.”

tracyneckreinTracy R “Fab day’s training. Fun, informative and empathic training. I met new wonderful and kind people. I had a ball, I can’t recommend these courses enough and I’m already booked in again!”

kirstycorrKirsty C “The training sessions with Evie have been brilliant. Learning the right way to tackle the obstacles has definitely helped to improve our scores in the winter TREC competitions, and the map reading sessions have been invaluable. To have someone ride out alongside you and help to navigate the map whilst on horseback really is a confidence booster – and I would say a necessity when you are just starting to learn how to map read.”


Amanda F “We had a fabulous day at the White Horse TREC Group training day with Evie. Some really good obstacle training followed by a guided ride. I may actually have half a chance of finding my way around after that! We had an absolute blast, both of us loved it and it was utterly perfect for his first big day out. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue, guide, event, company, etc, etc. This might be a bit gushing but it really was fabulous.

I think that TREC training is such a great thing for youngsters, there’s lots of things to do and see but because you’re in a group there’s plenty of processing/thinking time for the horses.”

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